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Connected Life



Time Session Theme Speaker
8:30-9:00 Registration & Arrival Coffee
9:00-9:10 WELCOME REMARKS Designing Digital Futures Prof. Vicki Nash, Director, Oxford Internet Institute
9:10-9:55 OPENING KEYNOTE The Power of Platform: Shaping Media and Society Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director, The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
10:00-11:00 Panel 1A: Temporalities of Technologies Technological Utopianism in the United States, 1929-2001: from Technocracy to Neoliberalism Daniel McAteer (@daniel_mcateer), University of Oxford
Digital Utopia and Identity Exclusion in the History of Computer Culture Asher Kessler (@AshKwondo), London School of Economics and Political Science
Panel 1B: Economies of Transformation PassionEconomy, Creative Pursuits and Digital Play Utkarsh Amitabh (@utkarsh_amitabh), Network Capital & University of Oxford
The Emergence of Data Colonies and How They Are Made Nai Kalema (@NaiKalema), University College London
Panel 1C: Ecosystems of Artificial Intelligences Fairness by Design: Using the Fairness Principle as a Tool to Protect and Empower the Elderly and Children in Their Involvement with AI-driven Technologies Ayca Atabey (@aycatabey), The University of Edinburgh
Social influence for societal interest: a pro-ethical framework for improving human decision making through multi-stakeholder recommender systems Matteo Fabbri, University of Oxford
The Politics of Beauty Apps: Hegemonic Masculinity, AI, and Design Justice Xinyuan Luo, National University of Singapore

Renwen Zhang, National University of Singapore

11:00-11:15 Morning refreshments
11:15-11:55 KEYNOTE & Discussion This Machine Is Black: Exploring Race and Technology using Art Arda Awais & Savena Surana, Identity 2.0 (@Identity2_0)
12:00-13:00 Panel 2A: Power Asymmetries A Terms-we-Serve-with Manifesto: a feminist-inspired social imaginary for improved transparency in algorithmic decision-making Bogdana Rakova (@bobirakova), Mozilla Foundation

Megan Ma (@MeganPHMa), Stanford Law School

Renee Shelby (@renee_m_shelby), Google

The dynamics of online misogyny: Developing early linguistic warnings for online hate towards women Aditi Dutta (@aditi_d10), University of Exeter
Panel 2B: User Controls Can hypernudging by digital voice assistants amount to anticompetitive discrimination? Viktorija Morozovaite (@viktorija_mor), Utrecht University
Mobile App Extensions: Selective User Choice over Harms in Mobile Apps Konrad Kollnig (@FascinatingTech), University of Oxford

Siddhartha Datta, University of Oxford

The Digital Sift: a Study of Browsing in Text Analysis Tools Hannah Stewart
Panel 2C: Tech Philosophies Truth-process as a conceptual tool: Rethinking correlation of science and technological assemblages Suanmuanlian Tonsing, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Phenomenology of Predictive Word Processing Hamed Yaghoobian (@hyaghoobian), Muhlenberg College
Actual or virtual-dominated self of authenticity? Lessons from Virtual Uploaders on Bilibili Yupei Zhao, Wanyan Wu, Yu Zhao and Jiaxin Duan, Zhejiang University
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Panel 3A: Encoding Futures Mirror Image: How AI-Generated Images Reflect Our Past and Reshape Our Future Hannah Kirk (@hannahrosekirk), Oxford Internet Institute
The Poetics of Legal Code Megan Ma (@MeganPHMa), Stanford Law School
Winnie Soon (@siusoon), Aarhus University
Re-materialising the Non-Fungible Token: feminised digital labour practices on the decentralised web Fattori Mckenna, Oxford Internet Institute
Panel 3B: Future Classrooms Educational Futures in the Metaverse: Pedagogical Affordances & Apprehensions Brittany O’Duffy (@bboduffy), Oxford Internet Institute
Digital Futures for Learning: Affective Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Injustice Aisling Crean (@aislingcrean), University of St Andrews & University of Edinburgh
Future classrooms: Framing the post-pandemic education technology discussion Liam Bekirsky (@LBekirsky), Oxford Internet Institute
Panel 3C: Legal Futures The Boomerang Effect: A Cross-Atlantic Approach to Online Content Moderation Francisco de Abreu Duarte (@FAbreuDuarte93), European University Institute & U.C. Berkeley Law School

Giovanni De Gregorio (@G_De_Gregorio), University of Oxford

Deepfakes and the law Jyothsna Gurumurthy (@jyothsna_95), University of Oxford
Legitimately Interesting: The Ethical Limitations of GDPR Benjamin Gilburt (@RealBenGilburt), Oxford Internet Institute
15:00-16:00 ART EXHIBITION & Refreshments HUM 2035 Aditya Prakash (@helloQS), Quicksand Design Studio
Tracking Lenna: Data Practices from 1972 to 2022 Jennifer Ding (@jen_gineered), The Alan Turing Institute
Plot Twisters: Creating an online game world for practicing self-regulation Plot Twisters (@plottwistersorg)
Bursting your Bubble Katherine Lou, Oxford Internet Institute
Law is Art: A Metaverse Exhibition of Constitutional Values Marco Almada, European University Institute

Francisco de Abreu Duarte, European University Institute

Giovanni De Gregorio, University of Oxford

Yeliz Doker, European University Institute

Natalia Menendez, European University Institute

Francesca Palmiotto, Hertie School

The Aesthetics of Code Contracts Megan Ma (@MeganPHMa), Stanford Law School
Winnie Soon (@siusoon), Aarhus University
Posthuman Prometheus Paul Joseph Rivera-Carlisle, Universität Potsdam
The Raisin Truck Makes Raisins Daniel Lichtman, Purchase College
Zine Bookshelf + Crafting: AI Yesterday Laurel Boxall (@Laurel_Boxall), University of Cambridge
The String Mag The String Mag
16:00-17:00 Panel 4A: Encoding Inclusivity Digital inclusion and women’s empowerment: A double-edged sword in rural India Sakshi Ghai (@SakSGhai), University of Cambridge
In a Mediated Society, Can Indigenous Knowledge Survive?A Network Ethnography Examining the Influence of Internet Use on Indigenous Herbal Knowledge Circulation in a Remote Yao Community Anran Wang, London School of Economics and Political Science
Reimagining global connectivity: low earth orbit satellites and internet supply chains Anne Lee Steele (@aleesteele), The Alan Turing Institute & Internet Society
Panel 4B: Encoding Identities Tapping into Tech: The Influence of Social Media on Dancers and the Spaces They Use to Dance in London Joseph Cappai (@joe_cappai), University College London
Music, Streaming, and Self Roland Chen, Oxford Internet Institute
Who Does The Internet Think You Are? Jas Johl (@JasJohl), The Roosevelt Institute & Oxford Internet Institute
Panel 4C: Encoding Change Feminism, Design & Abusability Julia Slupska (@jayslups), Oxford Internet Institute
Defeating Deceptive Designs: Co-creating the Future of Trusted Design Kaushalya Gupta, Tech Policy Design Lab, World Wide Web Foundation (@webfoundation)
17:05-17:35 Minting the Future The Digitization of Everything Shamir Ozery (@Ozery), The Algorand Foundation
Clock-Chain Kuldeep Gohel, Kishan Gajjar, Pratheek Irvathur
17:40-18:10 Closing Talk Designing an Inclusive Future Digital System Mimi Nguyen, Imperial College London & Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London
18:10-18:20 Closing Remarks CL22 Team
18:20-19:00 Drinks Reception