Connected Life 2019

Theme: Data & Disorder

24th & 25th June, 2019

Connected Life 2019 will be held at both Oxford (24th June) and London (25th June), supported by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), London School of Economics (LSE), and the Alan Turing Institute (The Turing). Additional support has been generously provided by the PhD Academy of the LSE and the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC).

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Based at Oxford University and the London School of Economics, Connected Life 2019 Data & Disorder will provide an engaging forum for a cross-disciplinary network of researchers from around the world to consider the broad societal implications of automated data collection, processing, and analysis in all facets of daily life. In an effort to include diverse perspectives from across the intellectual spectrum, the student-led conference welcomes contributions from postgraduate students and faculty from all departments, including but not limited to computer science, digital humanities, economics, education, history, international relations, law, linguistics, literature, media and communications, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology.