Welcome to Connected Life 2017: Digital Inequalities

Connected Life 2017 is a student-run conference based at the University of Oxford dedicated to sparking exchange between disciplines and showcasing emerging Internet research. Bringing together participants from across the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and beyond, Connected Life seeks to foster collaborations within and beyond Oxford in pursuit of an enhanced understanding of the Internet and its multifaceted effects.

Connected Life will be held at the Faculty of Classics on Monday, June 19th, 2017. We will provide details about the programme, sponsors, and attendance fees in the coming months.

Connected Life is held at the Faculty of Classics (University of Oxford), and supported by the ESRC.


This year’s theme is digital inequalities. The causes and consequences of inequality are a staple of social science research, investigations into digital divides and the online cleavages of gender, race and class form the basis of many inquiries. As the information society has evolved, so have new inequalities; possessing the potential to shape life chances. The theme of this year’s conference is to examine the construction, reproduction, and reinforcement of difference in connected life. The connected life theme epitomizes not only a core thread among internet studies research but also the importance of knowledge exchange within and beyond academia.

Connected Life 2017 will provide a forum for researchers to present and discuss some of this theme’s biggest issues facing the multidisciplinary field. Other social science research relating to the Internet is most welcome as well.

Our call for papers, and more information, will be available in coming months. 

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See you soon!

Thomas Vogl & Sian Brooke

Connected Life 2016 Conference Chairs
connectedlife@oii.ox.ac.uk @OxConnectedLife

Oxford Internet Institute

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The Connected Life Team

Sian Brooke (Chair)
Thomas Vogl (Chair)